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We Welcome a new Clinic Member to the Office

Our new Registered Massage Therapist, Jason Breedon, will join the YourBack Team on April 1, 2019.  Please check out his pages on our website for more information as his qualifications are too numerous to list here.


I met Jason last fall at a SWIS seminar where he was demonstrating for Acumed Medical on the Dolphin tool (Microcurrent Point Stimulator).  I invited Jason to my office where I had several treatments from him (my Naturopath had recommended that I get some energy and structural work done, beyond Chiropractic care).  I was impressed and as a result, invited him to practise here at YourBack. 


Interesting healing changes come with the Microcurrent Point Stimulator, especially when dealing with scars.  Like subluxations in the spine, scars can cause interference in the ability of the body to heal, often in remote areas of the body seemingly unrelated to the existing scar.  Of course, Jason excels at many forms of massage therapy as well. 


Jason will be seeing patients here on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am until 3pm. 




Dr Andersen is going on holidays


Emily will be away from the office from April 13th until the 20th for her annual trip to Tucson, Arizona for a Triathlon Camp.  As many of you may know, she has been doing this for several years.  Of course the camp is mostly for her World Class triathlete husband, but she does participate as well.



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