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Who do we help? Here are some cases that you may relate to:


1. Benefits of Cranial Adjustments on Sinus Conditions

Sarah has mild hypotonic cerebral palsy (loose jointed).  She first saw me at the age of 31 when she twisted her knee in a fall.  After helping realign her knee (along with the care of her physiotherapist), I suggested an examination of her cranium due to the history of cerebral palsy and having suffered from repeated sinus infections requiring four to six prescriptions of antibiotics a year since birth. Following a two-month series of cranial adjustments, Sarah’s need for antibiotics was greatly diminished.  Her parents believe that this is as a result of Sarah’s consistent wellness chiropractic care and the effect of cranial adjustments on her sinuses.  After ten years of monthly wellness adjustments, Sarah rarely gets sick and when she does, their first visit is to my office.


2. Gentle and Effective Activator Adjustments Helps Severe Sciatica

Giovanni, a 72-year-old retired trades worker, first came to me with sciatica so severe that he could not sit.  He had paced around his home all day and night for the prior two months, unable to sleep more than an hour at a time.  Five months earlier he had a knee replacement and five years previously he had a plate screwed into his pelvis after fracturing it in a fall.  He had recovered from both but this sciatica was new for him.  I believe that the knee replacement changed his knee and spinal alignment, triggering the pinching of the sciatic nerve.  I chose a safe low force technique, Activator Methods, to gently realign his spine so as to take the pressure off of the spinal nerve roots and his sciatic nerve.  With daily adjustments, he steadily improved over the next four weeks with a 75% reduction in symptoms.  A typical prognosis should have him pain free after another four weeks of care.  Giovanni is a work in progress. 


3. Nutrition, Detoxification and Chiropractic Care Prepare for a Healthy New Life

Alana asked me for help in preparing for her first pregnancy.  I outlined the care and frequency of typical chiropractic maternity care and suggested that she prepare her body through nutrition as well.  Alana and her husband both completed a ten-day liver and toxic metal detoxification utilizing diet and the Metagenics medical food UltraClear Renew.  Alana followed up with a twelve-week estrogen detoxification program also utilizing diet and a different Metagenics medical food, Estrium.  Both approaches provided her with as clean an environment as possible to prepare for conception.  Within a few months, Alana was pregnant and continued on the liver and metal detoxification product (after the first trimester ended) along with excellent maternity vitamins.  Sophie was born healthy, of course, but we like to believe that her little body was freer of environmental toxins than it would have been otherwise.  Sophie is now a very bright, active and healthy two-year-old and her mother is presently preparing for her second pregnancy in the same way. 


4. Chiropractic Pediatric Care and an Answer to Growing Pains

Seven-year-old Neha, has been seeing me since she was born.  She received her first chiropractic examination a month after her birth.  Her mother was under chiropractic care during her entire pregnancy, mirroring the frequency of her visits to me with her visits to her obstetrician.  When Neha gets sick, she is adjusted to improve her immune system.  She has never taken antibiotics. When she recently fractured her elbow in a fall, she was seen more frequently to deal with the spinal imbalance caused by the cast on her arm and later, when the cast came off, to correct the misalignment the heavy cast had caused to her shoulder joint.  Sometimes Neha complains of growing pains in her legs.  A simple release technique of the shin muscles has been taught to her parents so they can help her when the pains come, typically at bedtime when Neha is exhausted but not when I have office hours.  Growing pains are not normal and are a sign that something is out of alignment.  The spine is involved as well in growing pains.


5. Joint Pain relief using Nutrition and Activator Methods

Gwen, a 50-year-old, who presented with moderate back and knee pain, went through a typical 8-week program of Activator Methods chiropractic care.  Her spinal pain was much better, but she was still fearful of needing a knee replacement due to the continuing knee pain.  I recommended Metagenics’ Chondrocare, a product used for bone, disc and joint recovery relating to osteoarthtitis.  Within two weeks, her knee pain was relieved.  After 3 years, Gwen continues to be pain-free and is determined to stay on a wellness dosage of Chondrocare.


6. Regular Chiropractic Care to Keep Physically Hard Working Bodies in Tune

40-year-old Charles runs his own construction company.  He works hard physically, lifting heavy and awkward materials on a daily basis.  He often strains his sacro-iliac joints, shoulders and may ‘put a rib out’.  Charles prefers manual adjusting and often gets relief from symptoms in only one or two visits.  Averaging a couple of visits a month, Charles has been a patient now for eight years.  Chiropractic keeps his nervous system healthy, his spine aligned, and just as important, it has helped keep his body more resilient to injury.  He does not miss workdays due to pain or injury.


7. Repetitive Strain Kept in Check Using Regular Adjustments

45-year-old Michelle works in an office 40 hours a week.  She is obliged to sit at her computer for four-hour stretches at a time due to the nature of her employers’ business.  As a result, she suffers low back pain due to prolonged sitting and repetitive strain of her wrists and elbows form the continuous keyboarding all day long.  I have recommended a more supportive chair or preferably an optional standing workstation, but the employer has not complied as of yet.  Simple neck, elbow, forearm and wrist adjustments immediately restore weak hand muscles.  Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of her work gradually undoes the correction.  Michelle maintains her wellness visits with me every three weeks, which keeps her lower spine and carpal tunnel symptoms at bay.   


8. Orthotics Combined with Regular Adjustments

27-year-old Julia was in a very serious motor vehicle accident when she was 20.  Having endured several hard blows to the head as the car rolled over five times, Julia suffered cranial damage (a concussion), severe upper cervical contusions and a fractured shoulder blade.  I provided gentle chiropractic adjustments to her spine and arm (shoulder, elbow and wrist joints) via Activator Methods and cranial adjustments for the concussion. Her physiotherapist was tasked with getting her to lift her arm again.  14 months into her care, she was about 60% better overall but had not returned to the activities of her normal life.  Julia requested a new pair of custom orthotics to replace the pair she had purchased from me at age 16 for her soccer shoes.  Much to my surprise, the new support of the neurology and mechanics of her feet seemed to be the missing key.  After 15 months of care, Julia suddenly felt so much better that she resumed her life as a student and part time worker.  She became a thriving, healthy young adult and remains so today.  It seemed that all the good care that she had received, both with chiropractic and physiotherapy, just suddenly ‘turned on’ with the use of the orthotics.  The orthotics chosen were thin and slender, fitting into all of Julia’s shoes permitting constant usage.  She recently requested new custom orthotics.  I chose to replace the original thin slender pair but also included a dress pair so that she has the choice to place them in higher heeled shoes.  Mindful of the improvement that she experienced six years ago, Julia is diligent in wearing her orthotics every day.


9. Chiropractic Care is an Important Factor for Rehabilitation related to Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dave, a 73-year-old still working full time in a white-collar position, lost the function of his hands in a motor vehicle accident.  It was two months before he was referred to me for chiropractic care.  Dave could not shower, dress himself or feed himself.  He could not drive.  His wife performed all those tasks for him.  His handgrip strength was 0 kilograms on the right and 2 kilograms on the left.  He should have measured 20 kilograms at a minimum.  He had such severe pain and swelling in his hands that he had not slept more than an hour at a time since the accident.  He slept better after the first adjustment.  Two weeks after starting care with me, I received his medical doctor’s report that included the opinion that Dave had also suffered a concussion.  Although Dave did not exhibit any obvious concussion symptoms, I added cranial adjustments to his program of care.  Dave did not fail to come to each chiropractic visit three times a week even though he was still working full time and lived an hour away from my office.  We saw a gradual improvement in handgrip strength that was measured every visit.   His sleep improved but the burning hand pain and swelling took months to resolve.  Consistent documentation of Dave’s improvement kept the insurance company in good support of our care.  It took a year, but Dave gradually and finally got to 33 kilograms on each hand with a resolution of the pain.  He maintains wellness visits with me every 3-4 weeks, three years now after the accident.  He is still working full time.   


10. Dr Emily wasTeam Chiropractor for the Canadian National Triathlon Team

In 2013, I was fortunate to be chosen as the team chiropractor for the Canadian team at the World Triathlon meet (sprint and Olympic distances) in London, England.  I enjoyed the engagement very much as I was able to meet and help triathletes who had come from all across Canada ranging in age from 18 to 65.  Steve was in the 55 to 59-year-old age group.  He had suffered low back and knee injuries six months earlier while training.  He had not fully recovered and did not expect to place well or even finish.  On examination, I found that he had no strength in either hamstring.  When one muscle is weak, it is just that, a weak and damaged muscle.  When both the right and left matching muscles are weak, there is a neurological glitch.  In Steve’s case, the sacral bone was out of alignment.  A quick adjustment and Steve’s hamstrings were strong functioning muscles again.  This allowed for complete stability of his pelvis for possibly the first time in months.  I also realigned his injured knee, shin and ankle.  Impressed with the change, Steve returned to me daily that week for adjustments.  He felt strong and good throughout his race.  He placed in the top third of his age group, much better than he had expected.





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