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News About COVID19 and YourBack 

We Are Open for Normal Chiropractic Care!  That would include wellness or maintenace care, acute or emergency care and all other types of care that you may categorize yourself in.  You may be resuming care of a motor vehicle accident or a work injury that was interupted by the lockdown.


As of May 29th, we are fully open to all of our patients.  Welcome back!!  We are very excited to see you!  The staff will be permanently back as of May 29th.


We will be screening all patients who come into the office.  PLease see the screening page for  more details.  


Your Visit to YourBack Chiropractic: 


Your adjustment visit here will be different than it usually was.  All of the surfaces that you can possibly come in contact with have been rigorously cleaned with CaviWipes, a hospital grade virus disinfectant.  These surfaces are disinfected again after each patient leaves.


We practise social distancing in the office.  Please wear a mask or stay six feet (two meters) away from all others.  Or both!  Please wash your hands coming into and leaving the office.  Otherwise, your YourBack experience should be the same as it always was.


We do look forward to getting back to normal.  Thank you for your patience!


Please check out our Metagenics Online Store on this site with  a 20% discount offered.  Products specifically recommended for optimum immune health are displayed on our Metagenics Online Store page.

Cloth Face Masks Offered as a Public Service


These are available to our clients here at YourBack Chiropractic for the duration of the pandemic.  Please pre-order.  These masks are produced by Liberty Clothing, a Mississauga company and are made with local labour.  The masks, an organic cotton and hemp blend knit material come packaged in a polybag. Hemp fabric has been known to be antibacterial and lasts longer than 100% cotton.  They are washable and reusable.  A knit trim is used for the ear loops (not elastic cords).  This makes the mask more comfortable and the loops do not deteriorate with washings.  They come in one size-fits-all.  Larger sizes may be special ordered.  There are no children's sixes at present. Wash before using.  Please call the office or email us to order any masks.  


You may go onto the Liberty site at to see all of the masks that they offer.  If you want to special order the Liberty Redux Face Mask (in stylish fabrics) we can offer those as well.  Check with the front desk for prices.




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