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Returning to Normal Practises 

While this will be our new normal, it will not be the typical experience that you have previously had in our friendly little office.

Jason Breedon will be returning to massage practice including his specialty, Microcurrent Point Stimulation (needleless acupuncture), as soon as the province lifts its restrictions on registered massage therapy.  We do hope that will be happening very soon as well!

We are open at our usual times:  all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Thursday mornings and alternating Saturday mornings.  We will be closed during the lunch hour.

The staff will be screening you on the phone to see if you presently have any signs or symptoms of a coronavirus infection, if you have been exposed to anyone with those signs or symptoms within the last two weeks or if you have been out of the province within the last two weeks.  They may ask you these questions again as you enter the office for your appointment.  You will see a sign on our front door asking those same questions. 

If you do have symptoms, you should contact your medical family practitioner or call Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) for advice.  You can see a more complete screening on this site at COVID19 SCREENING.  Your screening pass will be recorded on your electronic file at each visit.

Please let the staff know if you have a new problem, have had an injury, have been in a motor vehicle accident, etc. and they will book a longer appropriate visit for you.  If you are not sure, please ask when you call or email to book your next appointment.  If you have not been seen for six months, they will schedule a longer examination and adjustment time for you.

I will be wearing a new surgical mask for each shift (and change it as needed).  You MAY be required to wear a mask as well.  Please bring your own mask.  If not, a disposable mask (a surgical mask at cost, for $2.50 including tax) or a new cotton/hemp cloth mask ($14.00 including tax) will be provided to you.

You will be required to sanitize your hands with a gel disinfectant at the front door or wash your hands using soap and water provided in the washroom.  You may wish to re-sanitize or wash your hands as your leave the office.

You may wait in the lobby for your appointment time as long as you do self-distance two meters away from other clients and any staff.  If you have come with family members who will also be getting adjusted, you may sit beside them.  If your family member or guest is not getting an adjustment, they should wait outside if possible.  If you are here with your children and they cannot wait outside alone, they are welcome to sit with you in the lobby but will be required to accompany you into the adjusting room.  My staff may not babysit anymore.  

The lobby will always be sanitized for you.  That includes anything that you might touch.  Please bring your own water.  Hydration is very improtant when getting a spinal adjustment.  Supplements, dennerolls and pillows will be still be available to purchase.  

The treatment rooms that you enter will be sanitized before you arrive.  Jason and I will sanitizing all surfaces that are touch points.  I do have an infrared non-contact forehead thermometer that I may use at the beginning of your visit.

The staff are behind a barrier and will be two meters away from you at all other times.  Please note the markings on the carpet for your guidance.  

The washroom will always be sanitized.  If you use the washroom, please let the staff know. 

We will not be booking patients as frequently as we used to do, as sanitizing the office and interrogating you takes time.  Please be patient with us as we get used to our new way of practice.  You may not get the exact appointment time that you want.  Our staff will do their very best to accommodate your needs. 

You will not be required to wait in your car before coming into the office.  If you prefer to wait in your car, we will accommodate your needs by bringing you in when the office is all clear.  If you do see that the lobby is full (one staff plus three clients), please wait outside or in the vestibule until there is more room made for you in the lobby.  We will try to keep the office running on time, but that occasionally does not work out for a variety of reasons. 

You may complete your YourBack experience at the front desk again by paying in any way you chose to do so.  There will be two pin pads – one for our staff and one for you.  If there are clients waiting to come into the lobby area, please accommodate them by leaving when your visit is completed.

Your visit here should otherwise be the same as it always hs been.  I will continue to give you the best of chiropractic care and lifestyle advise as I always have done.  Jason Breedon will continue his excellent service as well.

If you require virtual care, Jason and I can provide that by a phone call or by a video call.  It may be a while before everyone is comfortable leaving their homes or returning to an office environment like ours.

We will continue to practice in this modified way until the province lifts their restrictions.  I hope that most of you will agree with our new and present normal and will be happy to comply.

Thank you for your continued support.  We all look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible!  We have missed you! 



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