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Needleless Acupuncture at YourBack Chiropractic

In search of natural and holistic methods of healing, people have looked at acupuncture as a solution. Based on ancient Chinese medical tradition, acupuncture works with the energy systems of the body to provide relief from many conditions.

The main drawback to acupuncture for some is the use of needles. Although there is little to no pain upon insertion, some people do not want to go that route. For those patients, needleless acupuncture is the answer.

What is Needleless Acupuncture?

Woman with arms outstretchedThis technique works the same as regular acupuncture because it’s based on the same therapy design. Using energy pathways, known as meridians, needleless acupuncture reduces your pain and other symptoms.

This non-invasive therapy works with the nervous system to stimulate and soothe nerves in the affected areas. It loosens and relaxes the muscles causing misalignment and the pain accompanying it.

Acupuncture realigns and restores balance in your body, stimulating blood circulation and energy flow. Your body returns to its natural state, allowing self-healing to take place.

Needleless acupuncture uses different techniques to achieve results. These include cupping therapy, using suction cups; acupressure, a form of deep massage at the same pressure points; laser acupuncture, using non-thermal lasers instead of needles, and MPS Therapy. At YourBack Chiropractic, we use MPS for superior results.

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